Optional Allan Presents “That Mulago Boy, unapologetically Funny” Comedy Extravaganza at the National Theater

Written by on August 9, 2023

Optional Allan

Hold onto your funny bones, because the comedic sensation Kibuka Allan, a.k.a Optional Allan, is about to drop the mic (and your jaws) with his side-splitting comedy spectacle, “That Mulago Boy, unapologetically Funny.” It’s all going down on Friday, August 11, 2023, at the show-stopping National Theater, starting at the fashionably late hour of 7:00 pm EAT.

Get ready to laugh your socks off as Optional Allan, the comic wizard straight outta Mulago, dishes out a comedy concoction so hilarious it might just send your sense of humor into overdrive. He’s like the Mulago maestro of mirth, and he’s here to prove that laughter truly is the best medicine – no prescriptions required!


But wait, there’s more to this chuckle-fest than meets the eye. Brace yourselves for a star-studded lineup that’s hotter than a Kampala midday sun. We’re talking about the one and only Kalela Daniel, the host with the most from Sanyuka TV, the dynamic duo Odongo and Okello Okello, the laugh-inducing Cotilda Inapo, the enigmatic Jajja Bruce, and the saxophone serenader extraordinaire, Happy Kyazze. If laughter were a currency, these folks would be the wealthiest in town!

Remember last year’s comedy showdown? Yep, that’s right – while Azawi was tuning up for her big show, Optional Allan was busy packing the National Theater to the rafters, leaving everyone in stitches. Who knew Mulago could bring down the house so spectacularly?


Optional Allan’s “That Mulago Boy, Apologetically Funny” isn’t just another comedy show; it’s a side-splitting saga of fresh jokes, meticulously crafted humor, and gut-busting tales that explore the dreams, quirks, and hilarious escapades of Mulago’s finest and the gritty corners of Kampala’s streets.

And guess what? Tickets are your golden ticket to a night of uproarious amusement, all for just Ugx 30,000! It’s like getting front-row seats to the comedy show of the century without breaking the bank. Optional Allan is ready to deliver a comedy performance so epic, even the Mona Lisa would crack a smile.


Get in on the comedy action! Join us for the laugh-inducing extravaganza that is “That Mulago Boy, Apologetically Funny” on August 11th at the National Theater. Doors swing open at 7:00 pm EAT, and trust us – your funny bone will thank you later.

In the words of Optional Allan himself: “Get ready for a comedy rollercoaster that’s more exhilarating than a Mulago matatu ride – and way funnier.

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