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Roger Mugisha cut his radio ribbon on Sanyu FM 27 years ago as a love doctor and is now back to his roots in a new capacity as the head of programming.

DJ Cacie, real name Mark Mukoba is the most feared DJ in the industry. Every time he mixes it rains. Catch him on Sanyu FM every Friday for the wheels of steel from 6:00 am to 10:00 am, The Sanyu Hits Replay every Saturday from 10; 00 am to 2:00 pm and African Express from 7:00 pm to Midnight. Tune in and jam to the greatest mixes on the continent.

Is a self-styled 'New Normal Love Doctor’, is a Ugandan on-air media personality who co-hosts The Sanyu FM Love zone with Stella Mulindwa weeknightsMondaytoThursday9pm-1am.Famous for his deep baritone voice and engaging approach to relationship issue on the Love zone. Given his rich musical background as a part time singer and music producer, Harris is passionate about different music genres and this is evident on the Jazz show everySunday6pm-9pm which is nothing short of invigorating

Ethan Kavuma, the winner of the HOT MIC search on Sanyu FM. He is outspoken and informative. Growing up he thought he would take on a different career path but ended up chasing what he was really passionate about and that is music and working on radio. Catch him every Saturday morning on Alive and […]

Timothy Muhumza aka Timothy Code, award-winning Ugandan media personality, hip-hop artist, brand influencer, and events MC. His love for literature in High School gave birth to his on-air persona as a radio presenter which is full of energy and intelligent wordplay. He is the co-host on the Sanyu Drive show. Catch him every weekday from […]

Born and raised in Nairobi, a Makerere University Business School alumnus. He worked in the corporate business world immediately after college. But had his first on-air debut on Sanyu FM in 2013 on the Love Zone. He has grown a massive following and listener base. He is witty and known as the wild card. He now hosts the Sanyu Fm Drive Show. Catch him every week day from 3:00pm to 7:00pm for news, gossip and random banter.

Diana Deedan Muyira, aka Miss Deedan renowned for her powerful voice, is a Ugandan actress, media personality, brand influencer, and most popular female events mc in Uganda. Was born in Kenya and moved to Uganda to pursue her media career ambitions. She joins the Sanyu FM Breakfast Club and brings high power and amazing positive […]

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