Introducing YOTV Channels App: Your Ultimate Entertainment Solution

Written by on May 16, 2023

Introducing YOTV Channels App: Your Ultimate Entertainment Solution

Gone are the days of family conflicts over the TV remote. Thanks to the YOTV Channels App, you can bid farewell to those struggles.

Since its establishment in 2020, the YOTV Channels App has been dedicated to delivering the finest entertainment to Ugandans at the most affordable prices.

With a vast selection of over 60 television stations, 50 radio stations, documentaries, blockbuster movies, and series, the YOTV Channels App offers everything you need to satisfy your entertainment cravings.

But hold on, because it gets even better! After three years, “we are proud to announce the launch of three new products that will take your experience to the next level: MUTO, BOLINGO EXTRA, and KIBANDA XPRESS “Agreey Mugisha CEO YO TV CHANNELS

MUTO: More Than Convenience – ensuring quality entertainment for Kids at the YOTV Channels App, we understand the importance of providing both convenience and quality. That’s why we created MUTO, a product specifically designed to meet the entertainment needs of children.

In today’s social climate, it’s crucial to know the content your children are consuming. MUTO offers a solution by offering parents and children a safe haven of entertaining and educational content. Every piece of content on

MUTO goes through rigorous vetting and analysis to ensure it meets our quality standards.

With MUTO, families across Uganda can enjoy peace of mind while indulging in top-notch entertainment.

BOLINGO EXTRA: Empowering Ugandan Musicians and Comedians, the second product, BOLINGO EXTRA, is a platform that aims to commercialize Ugandan music and comedy. By partnering with MTN, the YOTV Channels App enables users to directly support their favourite musicians and comedians. When you make a payment on BOLINGO EXTRA to access your beloved artist’s content, the money goes directly into their mobile wallets.

To further empower these talented individuals, YO TV channels provide each artist with a personalized dashboard, allowing them to monitor their sales in real-time and withdraw their earnings whenever they need to.

With BOLINGO EXTRA, Ugandan musicians and comedians can thrive and monetize their craft on a daily basis.

KIBANDA XPRESS: Showcasing Local Ugandan Films for all the film and cinema enthusiasts out there. This innovative product surpasses other streaming platforms by offering a collection of local and authentic Ugandan films, produced by Ugandan actors, producers, and directors.

By bringing their content to the YOTV Channels App, filmmakers can combat piracy and earn directly from their work. We empower these talented individuals by providing them with a dashboard to monitor their sales and retain complete control over their earnings.

With KIBANDA XPRESS, it aims to revolutionize the film industry in Uganda by providing a platform for local filmmakers to profit from their creations.
You can Take control of your viewing experience with YOTV Channels App. YOTV Channels App puts you in full control of your entertainment journey.
If you’re seeking the ultimate entertainment experience, look no further. And to all you content creators out there, the YOTV Channels App is here to support you. It you want to monetize your content, and enjoy faster and greater earnings through the KIBANDA XPRESS and BOLINGO EXTRA platforms.

Contact the YOTV Channels App team on 0323302600 or via WhatsApp at 0787849885, or email to learn more and embark on an extraordinary entertainment adventure.

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