Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus feat. Young Thug & Mason Ramsey - Old Town Road

As a flurry of Area 51 raid memes hits the mainstream, Lil Nas X has now taken his rightful place as leader of the invasion. The Atlanta-based SoundCloud rapper released an Area 51-themed music video for the latest remix of his hit “Old Town Road.” It’s a perfect synergy of two big 2019 meme staples and the timing could not be more perfect.

The particular remix — featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, and Mason Ramsey (better known as the Walmart Yodeling kid) — dropped on Friday. In response, many began to share jokes and memes about an infinite flurry of “Old Town Road” remixes. Lil Nas also tweeted about how he just wants to release more “Old Town Road” remixes. “Old Town Road” already had a great legacy as a meme legend, rising to popularity on video app TikTok and taking the Billboard 100 by storm.

Do you love the remix or you would rather stick with the original? Give it a thums up or thumbs down. Let's go!