Uganda Police implicated in car theft

  • Posted on: 6 March 2017
  • By: Sanyu FM

The Police’s Flying Squad Unit operatives have been accused of conniving with car dealers at Pine Car Bond along Lumumba Road to steal vehicles after selling them to clients.

The racket that involves some Flying Squad operatives attached to Kawempe Police Station, was unearthed after a city lawyer, Emmanuel,Twagira, bought a vehicle  from Overtime General Services Limited at Pine and the operatives attempted to impound it.,Twagira, a lawyer with Oscar Associated Advocates, alleged that the car dealer’s sales agent, Moses Ssali, gave him false information about the condition of the vehicle he bought as being mechanically sound whereas not.

This prompted Twagira to sue Overtime General Services for selling to him a defective vehicle. Twagira said a day after he filed the suit, he was approached by a gang of men claiming to be Flying Squad operatives from Kawempe, and  they sought to arrest him and impound his car.

Upon serving Overtime General Services with the suit documents, Twagira said a gang of three men posing  as policemen attached to the Flying Squad trailed him to Wakiso, where he resides and  attempted to arrest him on February 16.

“I requested them to identify themselves, however, they could not. I requested for the charges against me and they were also not available,” he

says. The lawyer added that the gang leader, a one Sembatya, then disappeared purportedly to photocopy the document containing the charges, but he never returned.

He said Sembatya had documents bearing names of the Overtime General Services sales agent (Ssali), who convinced him to buy the vehicle.

Twagira revealed that the gang asked him to drive to Kawempe Police Station, but he refused and he left them with his business,card. “I proceeded to the city centre and parked along Kampala Road, but little did I know that they were trailing me,” Twagira says.

According to Twagira, the men called him while at his car and were in the company of a uniformed Policeman only identified as Tumusiime and another man in plain clothes, who claimed to be a detective. “They forcefully demanded that I drive to Kawempe Police Station.

My demands to see some identity card and warrant fell on deaf ears again and as I pretended to drive to Kawempe Police Station, I instead drove to Central Police Station (CPS),” he narrated. Twagira said he reported the matter to the deputy commandant of Police’s Flying Squad Unit, Francis Olugu, who arrested Sembatya for impersonating as a Police officer and conspiracy to commit a felony.

The case was recorded as SD 08/16/02/2017. “Sembatya’s other four accomplices disappeared as soon as we got to CPS.” Sunday Vision established that Sembatya was released the following day (February 17). Twagira said while at CPS, he was surprised to see a woman he had never seen before, showing up to claim that his vehicle had been used to rob her bag containing sh3m around Bwaise on Bombo Road between 7:00pm and 9:00pm on February 9.

“This was a day after I had filed the civil suit against Overtime General Services.” Twagira said the unidentified woman claimed that she had reported a case at Kawempe Police Station on the same day she was purportedly robbed (February 9).

He added that the Kawempe Police Station Flying Squad commander, Ronald Ayebazibwe, later also showed up and defended the woman’s claims. Twagira’s vehicle was impounded.

However, when the woman was asked to produce the reference of her reported case, it showed that the case had been reported on February 16 under reference number SD 67/16/02/2017.

Twagira said on the evening of February 9, he reached his home in Wakiso at around 5:40pm with his vehicle and he never left. “My wife, housemaid, children and neighbours can fully corroborate my statement,  that I was home by that time (of alleged robbery) up to the next morning.

Following the actions of the gang members, it is clear that the woman who made those false claims against me is part of the gang of those thugs that attempted to kidnap me and steal my vehicle,” argued Twagira.

In October 2015, Dona Katusabe, a businesswoman, was tortured to death at Pine allegedly by car dealers led by, Mohammed Ssebuwufu. This was after she failed to clear a balance of sh9m when she bought a car from Pin Ssebuwufu, together with others, are now facing murder charges.

Photo Credit: New Vision