Uganda Law Society Runs to Court To have Sections of the Computer Misuse Act repealed.

  • Posted on: 4 February 2019
  • By: sanyu-fm-news

Uganda Law society has petitioned the Constitutional court seeking to anull sections 24 and 25 of the Computer Misuse Act saying the sections   execessively infringe on the  rights and freedoms of expression of citizens. 


In a supporting  affidavit  to the Petition sworn by the society's president Simon Peter Kinobe , the  sections  spell out two  offenses of Cyber harassment( using a computer to publish  and distrubute an obscene message )  and that of  offensive communication ( repeatedly distributing the obscene message electronically with a motive of disturbing one's peace ) but;  the language and  particulars used in  these offenses are vague , subjective and  not clear to inform an 

accused of what crimes they committed  .


Kinobe adds that the contentious sections further  give powers to the DPP to selectively prosecute those politicians and activists  who post their views on the internet that the government deems as objections .


According to Kinobe this type of restriction   is unacceptable in a free and democratic multi-party system


 He contends  that the organisation  he heads is an ardent believer  in the  rule of law   and it can not just look on as   Ugandans   continue to  unjustfiably suffer at the hands of  enforcement agencies of these ambiguous laws , hence forth asking the Constitutional court to intervene. 


Among the notable people who have since been charged in court over this challenged Act are;  a Makerere University Researcher Dr. Stellah Nyanzi  who is on remand at Luzira prison over a Facebook post that Prosecution says offended the peace of President M7, a YMCA student Brian Isiko who is accused of sending love messages to the Kabarole District Woman MP Sylvia Rwabwoogo.


Others are some local musicians and bloggers.