• Posted on: 3 April 2018
  • By: Presenters

MPs on the budget committee of Parliament have called upon the health service commission to reign in health workers with bad work attitude and lazy behaviour.

The MPs were interfacing with the commission bosses who appeared to justify a supplementary budget of 250M shs to facilitate the validation exercise and recruitment process of over 1,100 health workers.

The commission plans to recruit professionals to fill several approved vacancies at the Ministry headquarters and institutions under the ministry like Butabika and Uganda heart institute.

774 of these vacancies exist at the Kawempe and Kiruddu referral hospitals that have recently been upgraded from health centers. However MP after MP recounted cases of locals suffering at the hands of heartless health workers who subject patients to humiliation and poor service.

The chairperson of the committee Amos Lugoloobi was the first to point out this undesirable behaviour by health workers.

The Kumi county MP Charles Ilukor emphasised that most of these health workers do not report to work or only work for a few hours and abandon their stations.

The health ministry Dr. Ruth Aceng lamented that the budget for supportive supervision had been cut because it was viewed as consumptive expenditure.

She also argued that her ministry has no mandate to punish errant health workers which is the purview of the District Local government.