Recognize The Autonomy Of Staff Associations.

  • Posted on: 26 February 2019
  • By: sanyu-fm-news

The joint staff associations of Makerere University have appealed to parliament to urge the university council to recognize the autonomy of staff associations.
Members of the staff associations led by the leaders of the Makerere university academic staff association and administrative staff association this morning appeared before the education committee of parliament to present a statement.

Their meeting with the committee follows the end of a protracted standoff between the joint associations and management which was manifested in a month long sit down strike by staff.

The joint staff statement was presented by the suspended chairperson of Makerere University Academic Staff Association MUASA Dr. Deus Kamunyu who said the current dispute is fuelled by three core issues.

According to the statement the issues include Poor governance, crack down on honest opinions and intolerance by management and a biased appointments board.

The staff members have also urged MPs to urge council to lift suspensions of association leaders whom they say were illegally suspended.
They say council should respect the wisdom of parliament which saw it fit to give iron clad immunity to association leaders to work as workers representatives.


Regarding university governance, Kamunyu points to the fusion of management and the university council, which he says has undermined the oversight function of the council.

This he says has led to poor management practices, intended to profiteer individuals, and also led to development of a mercy system of administration, which has eliminated merito-cracy in recruitment and promotions.

Regarding crackdown of honest opinions, he says the vice chancellor has through a target communications policy, attempted to freeze freedoms of expression and association, to the extent that anyone who gives an opinion contrary to his, faces occupational detriment including outright suspension or dismissal.

The joint staff associations also want council to urgently develop and publicize a code of conduct for its members.

They say this code should prohibit council members from micro-managing the university, and instead remain an oversight and policy organ that can effectively check management.