• Posted on: 14 March 2018
  • By: Presenters

Opposition members of parliament have stated that president Museveni has finally provided proof that he has no interest in a parliament that carries out effective representation and oversight.

This follows the president’s remarks during a campaign rally in Jinja East county on Tuesday in which he is quoted as saying a sick and sleeping NRM MP is better than an active opposition MP since the sleeping MP can be woken up to vote for government programmes.

The Buhweju county MP Francis Mwijukye and his Obongi county counterpart Hassan Kaps Fungaroo have slammed the president as a leader who has no respect for institutions.

They claim that the statement does not surprise them since they have known all along that president Museveni has always tried to control parliament through manipulation, Fungaroo cites the age limit debate where NRM MPs opposed to the bill were ostracized by Museveni.

The Buyaga west MP Barnabas Tinkasimire says this proves that president Museveni is a selfish leader.

 However the chairperson of the committee on Rules, Privileges and Discipline Ongalo Obote says the statement was not scandalous. He has noted that the context in which the president made the remarks should be taken into consideration seeing as he was speaking about NRM ideology at a campaign rally.