Police face off with FDC Supporters in Jinja

  • Posted on: 20 January 2020
  • By: sanyu-fm-news

Traffic has come to a standstill for close to one and half hours along the Jinja-Iganga highway as police engaged Forum for Democratic Change-FDC supporters who were leading a procession to commemorate 15-years FDC.

The supporters, armed with megaphones, stormed the highway in the afternoon to mobilise passersby to support their party during the 2021 elections. The group in Jinja was led by former party president Dr Kiiza Besigye, who first held a mini-rally outside Kyabazinga Stadium before splitting the group into three.

Besigye lashed out at his critics who want him out of politics. He said that he will not step back until the whole country has a feeling of peace and democracy. Besigye further tasked citizens to stand up against human rights violations meted against them by state agencies.

But as crowds grew bigger, the highway was blocked resulting in a heavy traffic jam along the road, a single gateway to the far east. Along the road, they matched, singing in praise of FDC, hitherto the biggest political force in Uganda.

Police first dispersed them as they walked through Bugembe. However, they regrouped and matched their way to Masese III slum, where another rally was held before being roughed up by police officers at the Kyabazinga way roundabout.

Ahmed Natumu, the Jinja CPS operations commander said that the procession was illegal because FDC never informed the Regional Police Commander about their intentions to hold celebrations of any kind in the area.      

Hamza Musamuli, one of the FDC supporters said that the party was running mobilizing its’ members to attend the celebrations which would be held later. However, he adds, the police never informed them why the gathering was declared illegal.