MPs Tasks Govt To Give Actual Number of Dead Soldiers in Somalia

  • Posted on: 4 April 2018
  • By: Presenters

Parliament today tasked the Government to give concrete figures on the number of Ugandan soldiers who died in Somalia during an al-Shabaab attack.

The UPDF spokesperson Richard Karemire told the press that four Ugandan soldiers had died in the attack and six others sustained injuries. The enemy side, according to Brigadier Karemire, lost 22 fighters.

The number of those who died has been changing over the last two days with president Yoweri Museveni giving his own account of eight UPDF soldiers dead alongside 36 al-Shabaab fighters. The international media agencies, meanwhile, reported higher figures of up to 59 UPDF casualties.

On Tuesday, Brigadier Karemire revised his figures, once again, stating that the UPDF killed as many as 130 al-Shabaab fighters in the Easter Sunday attack. Today, the Shadow Minister of Defense and Kilak North MP Gilbert Olanya raised a matter of National importance in Parliament and noted that his investigations show that 10 UPDF soldiers died and 14 are injured.

He tasked the Government to reveal the names and details of the dead and injured without hiding anything.

The Minister of Defence, Adolf Mwesige, while responding to Olanya, told the House that 130 al-Shabaab militants had been killed by AMISOM forces on the day of the attack, while only 8 UPDF soldiers died. Mwesige explained that four soldiers had died on the spot, while four others succumbed to their injuries. He said he would give a comprehensive statement on Thursday.

Mwesige also said the UPDF will stay in Somalia as it has been agreed upon in the United Nations

The number of UPDF deaths in Somalia has for a long time been a controversy. After the July 30, 2017 attack when UPDF said it had lost 12 soldiers, the al-Shabab militants claimed it had killed 39 Ugandans.