Measles Outbreak Suspected in Amuru

  • Posted on: 21 March 2018
  • By: Presenters

There is a suspected measles outbreak in Amuru district.

The District Health Officer, Patrick Odong Olwedo, says they have dispatched samples from more than 30 suspected measles cases to the government analytical laboratories in Kampala for confirmation.

He says the samples were drawn from suspected measles cases in Bibia parish and Elegu Township in Attiak Sub County. According to Olwedo, the suspects presented with signs of measles.

Victims of measles present with cough, fever, red eyes, muscle aches, running nose, sore throat and white spots inside the mouth. Apollo Okello, the Amuru District Health Secretary, says the suspected measles cases comprise mainly people from South Sudanese and West Nile region. He says their findings show that most of the affected people were not vaccinated against measles.

The district has resolved to set up a surveillance team to monitor the situation as they plan to carry out mass measles vaccination. Measels outbreaks have also been reported in Mbale and Budaka districts in Eastern Uganda. The World Health Organization-WHO attributes the death of 89,780 children below five years globally in 2016 to measles.