• Posted on: 5 April 2018
  • By: Presenters

The Electoral Commision has set the 31st of May as the polling day for the by-election of the Rukungiri District Woman Representative to Parlaiment

Speaking to Journalists at the Electoral Commision Headquarters, the Deputy EC Chairperson Hajat Aisha Lubega said they recieved offcial communciation to organise a by-election yesterday and given the 60 day rule that would land on the 3rd of June , Martyrs Day and they made consultations and decided to have it a few days earlier to allow people enjoy and participate in the Marytrs Day Celebrations

The Exercise that will cost 850m , according to Hajat Lubega will becarried out in accordance with the law to ensure that the 171,497 voters are able to cast their vote at the 280 polling staions in the district.

The Commision road map indicates that the update of the registers will happen between the 16-20th of April Nomination of candidates is slated for the 2nd and 3rd May Campaigns will run from 4th to 29th May.

Adressing the various critics on the competence of the Electoral Commision. Hajat Lubega said the biggest share of the by-elections have been held as a result of other reasons like bribery and not as a fault of the commision.