Difficult Math Test Leaves Students in Tears

  • Posted on: 19 September 2016
  • By: Sanyu FM

Tears for some students, and questions for the New Zealand Qualifications Authority over a difficult maths test.

Principals around Wellington want to lodge a formal letter of protest over the Year 11 Maths Common Assessment Test.

They say it was far too difficult, with one saying it was two curriculum levels too high.

"It has caused strong mathematics students to doubt themselves, has undermined students' confidence in both the examination process and their (good) teachers, has reduced students to tears in the exam room and made several have doubts about whether they have a mathematical future."

The NZQA had "got it wrong", Mr Sinclair, who is chairman of the Greater Wellington Secondary Schools Principals' Association, said.

NZQA says the paper was developed by a team of maths experts and also reviewed by several current secondary school teachers.

The marking schedule could also be adjusted so no student was unfairly penalised if a question was found to be more difficult than expected.