David Jamwa Runs to Supreme Court to Challenge His 12 Year Jail Term

  • Posted on: 17 January 2018
  • By: Sanyu FM

Jailed former NSSF MD David Chandi Jamwa files an appeal before the Supreme court challenging his 12 year jail term.

On Monday this week , the Court of Appeal cancelled Jamwa's bail and returned him to Luzira prison to start on the journey of serving his 12 year sentence that was handed down to him in 2011 by the Anti-corruption court for causing NSSF a 3.1bn shillings loss.

In the notice of appeal lodged today in the Supreme court's criminal registry, Jamwa through his lawyer David Mpanga notifies court that he is dissatisfied with decision of justices ; Rubby Opio Aweri and Kenneth Kakuru of upholding and confirming the Anti-corruption court conviction and sentence . In the notice of appeal , Jamwa says he is also aggrieved with the 2 justices decision of re-evaluating evidence from the Anti-corruption court , convicting him of Abuse of office and consequently sentencing him to serve a 4 years imprisonment term.

Jamwa was found guilty of abusing his authority as NSSF MD when he sold -off pre-mature NSSF bonds to a commercial Bank which occasioned a 3 .1 bn shillings loss to the fund. However Jamwa who had been out on bail since 2011 still maintains no loss was realized by the fund as he re-invested the money from the sold bonds from which NSSF reaps profits.