Criminal Justice System Currently Favours Criminals - IGP

  • Posted on: 17 January 2018
  • By: Sanyu FM

Appearing before the parliamentary committee on defense and internal affairs Kayihura said that police has tried to do its work of fighting crime but those arrested are released due to laws that states that a person should be arraigned in court or released after 48 hours.

Kayihura says that this law should revised because even the British where the law came from in this terrorism era they have revised the law and gave police powers to detain a terror suspect for 90 days without trial.

However on the issue of women killings that happened in Nansana last year and in Bukomansimbi, Kayihura said that police is progressing well and the suspects they have arrested have helped police to investigate the matter leading to decline in such crimes.

Butambala county MP Muwanga Kivumbi who sis the shadow minister for internal affairs says police has failed to curb killings in areas of greater Masaka and also asked Kayihura to explain his relationship with Abdu Kitata of Boda boda 2010 and Kifesi gandsters who recently confessed to their crimes at a press conference.