Twitter might be making some huge changes to retweets and mentions in the future.

There might be some major changes ahead for Twitter.

Dantley Davis, Twitter’s vice president of design and research, took to the social media platform on Monday night to share some features he’s “looking forward to in 2020,” which could mean fundamental changes to how the site works. Ideas included changing how retweets work, and how users are able to bring others into their conversations with or without their permission. Still, it doesn’t look like Davis is officially announcing them.

Two of the features that stand out the most is the ability to disable retweets on your tweet, in case you don’t want anyone dragging you in your mentions—a move to prevent harassment. Davis also mentions the option to prevent other users from mentioning you without your permission—and where you would no longer be allowed to tag people in threads or quote-tweets without approval. 

Davis wrote in another tweet that Twitter is “getting feedback from the community on our ideas” as they prioritize what is most important to change and what can remain the same.

Last week, CEO Jack Dorsey announced that Twitter has forbidden political advertisements. The ban, which goes into effect Nov. 22, will reportedly target political-based advertisements as well as issue-based ads; however the Twitter CEO claimed there will be "a few exceptions," such as ads for voter registration.